Sunday, June 8, 2014

23 Months ....

Maybe we are trend setters. 23 months until the twins b'nei mitzvah and they received their talit.  After meeting with Gilchrist months ago, we decided to make our memories now. The kids began their journey towards their b'nei mitzvah. Months of preparation came to a conclusion today. The kids worked hard...Becca mastered the Shema. Ian mastered the 1st line of the Shema. Both wrote a D'varh Torah from their learnings of the talit.  
I feel good about getting my tallit knowing that my daughter or granddaughter will have it after me. I learned that the fringes are to remind us of the mitzvot, or the commandments. One of my favorite mitzvot is when you do something good and it comes back to you. In Girl Scouts we do things such as making blankets to donate to the homeless shelter. We also donate food in our school for the hungry. When good deeds come back to you it makes you feel good inside and make me laugh and have a good time. - Becca
I feel good having the talit wrapped around me. This is special to me because of the fringes. The fringes help me remember mitzvot. I do mitzvahs everyday by making others laugh and smile. Having a nurse with me is also a mitzvah, I am the nurses friend. I help them to know how I like things as well as caring for them.  Helping others to understand about my disease is also a mitzvah. - Ian
Our family was there to celebrate with us and to see the kids receive their talit. We could not have been prouder of them. The Rabbis and Hazzan were wonderful over the past months in working with us to celebrate the kids...making our Jewish memories.  
Over the years we have watched you two go from infants to toddlers to pre-teens, overcoming many obstacles as individuals, siblings and together as a family.  Thru all of it both of you have gained many qualities which have helped you to get to this point.
Becca, our super girl, you have gained strength in ways you are not even aware of yet. Thru Girl Scouts you have learned many different skills, including doing for others. These characteristics and building blocks have allowed you to become the beautiful little woman you are today. We couldn't be prouder of who you are.
Ian, our super boy, the inner strength you show each and every day is a true testament of the man you are becoming. Your constant smiles and all the funny things you do each and every day show us  both the love and caring you have for others around you. Your willingness to learn and grow is what makes us proud to call you our son.
We are blessed to have you as our children and are looking forward to what lies ahead.
Now in 23 months we will celebrate their B'nei Mitzvah. ...

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Lisa Goldberg Burgunder Beautiful...

Jennifer Paradise Baker it was a wonderful, moving ceremony! xxx

Sherie Bober Rubin Mazel Tov

Sheri Knauth Lots of naches and mazel from your joyous occasion

Jay Weiner Just beautiful.

Lawrence Himelfarb So nice

Melody Ballan Cooper Mazel Tov to a spectacular family

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Beautiful. Heartfelt. Marvelous. These are the moments of life.

Gina Cohen So awesome. Mazel Tov to all of you. :)

Kendra Bober <3

Melissa Werner Mazel Tov to you all! Such a wonderful memory in a blessing!

Haley Bach Mazel tov!! Hope all is well miss you all

Robin Katcoff Mazel tov! I feel so blessed to have your family in our lives.

Annelise Sullivan Mazel tov!

Sheri Pazornik Goldscher Beautiful, Marci. Mazel tov!

Marlene Ettlin So wonderful❗❗❗Wonderful family❗❗❗I'm proud of all of you and I've never met your kids. ❌⭕

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Jami Schultz Margolis xoxo