Friday, August 29, 2014


Becca's first few days of middle school were great. She said it was good, fun and HOT. I guess that is what happens when you go from a school with AC to one that does not have it in the whole building. From what has come home from the teachers, it should be a good year. She has made a few new friends and seen some of her old ones from Chatsworth. We were proactive before school started and got in touch with the guidance counselor as well as I sent an email to her teachers so they would be aware of our family situation. We felt that it was important for them to know, especially when Ian ended up in the hospital 2 weeks before school started and we weren't sure when he would be home. I was afraid that he would still be in the hospital on the 1st day of school and how she would handle it. We are looking forward to FMS becoming a part of our village. 

Ian's appointment with pulmonary on Wednesday was OK. She made a few changes in his treatments, mainly his mid-day ones. This will hopefully help with some of plugs and thicker secretions he has been having. Another reason he could be getting the plugs and thicker secretions is due to his water intake, if you don't drink enough (or in his case drink enough and get enough extra in the G-tube) then you will be dry. His pulmologist is going to get in touch with his GI doctor to figure out how much water he should be getting. We have a few other options we can do if this does not work. After taking a listen to Ian, Dr. Sterni said that he sounded good but he was not moving much air on his own with out the vent. This was not really a surprise as we knew we would come to this point and my guess is last week did not help this much.

As Ian's appointment was on Wednesday and so was the 1st day of school, he had his 1st day of school on Thursday. He had a great 1st and 2nd day...seeing all of his friends he had not seen since the last day of school last year. Seeing his teacher...and all the other staff at school who he has seen for the past 6 years. It is hard to believe that at the end of this year, it will bring to an end 7 years of us being at Chatsworth. We are looking forward to another year there and Ian have a great 5th grade year. 

I was reading a blog of an acquaintance and some wonderful words of his....the challenge is to savor the moment, and at the very least - to pay attention - because time takes no prisoners, accepts no bribes and if given the chance will rob you of every last opportunity for awareness, if you don't take the time to step up and be present. I know, because it's always a work in progress for me. Sometimes it seems life gets in the way of living - if that makes sense - and the great challenge is to heed the call, and never forget the passage of time is calling to you to stop, look, listen and engage because while we don't think we are - or our kids are - I have photographic proof and most likely you do too - we are livin' in fast forward. And I'd love to rewind real slow....thanks Mark Brodinsky.

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Anonymous said...

Mindy Hammerman Lipsey Great words of wisdom from Mark- thx for sharing!

Jay Weiner "Sometimes it seems life gets in the way of living - if that makes sense...." Marci, I have never in my life read words that made more sense, or seem more accurate, than these.

Anne Polakoff King You never cease to amaze and inspire me and so many others with your words. Thank you!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz <3

Kelli Maples Bethel Marci Weinberg Scher I so often talk to my clients about being present. I can honestly say that when I think of folks who live in the present moment you always are one of the first to come to my mind. You inspire all of us. Mark Brodinsky absolutely perfect words!

Mark Brodinsky Marci thanks for continuing to share your story - and for sharing my words --- I just realized you shared a piece of my blog in yours. I am honored.