Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday, August 17th, Day 4 PICU

At today's rounds the doctor said things are clearing up. They still see a small spot in the left side behind his heart on the x-ray.  The plan for today is to work on lowering his vent settings and oxygen back to baseline. The hopes for tomorrow is to change him back to regular trache. If all goes well for next 24 hours after that then possible discharge Tuesday night Wednesday morning.

Around noon they decreased his oxygen to 21%, which is room air. He did well until it was time for to get his bath. We have some ideas of why he has a hard time with them and working thru it but his oxygen did need to go up to 35%. 

The doctor just came into let me know that the rhinovirus came back positive. This is basically what causes the common cold to you and I. It can turn into pneumonia,  it just depends on if the pneumonia is viral or bacterial. As for Ian's treatment it does not change anything.  

Half of his settings are back down to his baseline. Keep up the good work little man.


Anonymous said...

thinking of all of you! Shannon A.

Anonymous said...

Gina Cohen Ian really is my superhero. He's the strongest boy I know. I'm glad to hear the good news.

Bob Moskios Indeed!!