Monday, September 22, 2014

Family Game Night - Brian

WOW two in a row for me, this must be some sort of record.  I will try to keep this short, sweet and to the point.  However, as you will soon understand, there is a need for me to get a little nerdy in this post.  So bear with me.

Its a typical Sunday evening around 7 pm.  Marci and I are taking a few rare minutes to sit in the living room and think about what else may need to get done today.  The kids are in the den watching tv and everything believe it or not is nice and calm.  Suddenly Becca yells to us, 'Can we have a family game night tonight?'  Marci and I say sure and told her to go downstairs to pick out a game.  As soon as she is out of ear shot I say to Marci, 'Wanna take a guess?' Meaning wanna guess what game Becca comes back up with knowing full well which game it is and low and behold we were right.  Becca comes upstairs with Harry Potter clue.  We tell her to go set up the game and within seconds we hear Ian's infamous click to get our attention.  So time to guess again as to what he wants.  Marci's guess is that Ian is going to tell her that he isn't playing.  BINGO, we are two for two so far tonight!

So Marci and I go in to the den so we can always be with Ian and somehow someway we convinced him to play or maybe he said ok Ill play.  Either way doesn't matter, he enjoyed the time playing the game with us.  However, I convinced him to be on mommy's team since its only fair considering him and I always play on the Wii together (Marci isn't very good at it, lol).  Let the game begin. 

OK now for the nerdy part....

If anyone is familiar with the old version of Clue when we were kids then you basically understand how the game is played.  You move around the board going from room to room guessing which character did it, with what object and in what room.  However this game is based on characters and such from the Harry Potter movies.  So we are playing, having a good time and then the wackiness begins.  Becca gets a 'Help Card' Alohamora (allows you to go in to any room whether locked or unlocked).  She is very excited as usual because that's a good card to get in the game.  But mommy and Ian run out of 'Floo Powder' (little chips that represent what in the movie allows people to move from one place to another via a chimney or Floo (nerdy I know) as its called in the movie.  So I start talking in weird voices saying mommy can trade Becca for her Alohamora card and the cost is Ian.  Well Ian is screaming no, Becca is screaming no way no deal, mommy is saying that's a great idea and I'm being the "auctioneer."  So finally that's settled, no sale.  Oh well. 

As the game continues and we are all having a good family time together mommy and Ian enter a location called the Shrieking Shack.  Again if you have seen the movies its from the movie.  Now being the clown that I am, especially with my kids at times, as soon as someone says Shrieking I let out this blood curdling shriek.  I catch everyone off guard and we all start to laugh.  So, as you can imagine, for the rest of the game any time anyone mentions that location we all Shriek and yes it was loud.  Good thing the windows weren't open.  By the time the game was over and we were cleaning up Becca was saying something but wouldn't mention that location.  She would say something like 'When I went in to that you know Shack...'

It was a great way to end a nice good weekend with the family.  These are the kinds of memories Marci and I strive to build each and every day with out family of four for as long as we can.  I urge everyone to do the same.  Don't complain about how much running around you have to do.  Taking care of this or that in the house or outside the house.  At the end of what is probably a long busy weekend, spend the time together playing a game, without the tv on or whatever.  I'm certainly not saying Marci and I are perfect and we spend all our Sunday evenings like this, very rare actually.  But I want to try to do it more often if we really can.  If we can do it, you all can certainly do it.

Love you family, thanks for a great family game night!!!


Anonymous said...

You may have had the windows closed but we heard you from across the street...;-))

Anonymous said...

we have that game i feel the need to play..maybe minus the shrieking! Sam is my child that always doesn't want to play. Good idea to make teams! "expelliarmus" to all of you! :) shannon A.

Anonymous said...

Alicia Katznelson Broth This is one of the most beautiful things I have read in a while!

Karen Schmidt McClelland the shrieking segment reminds me of when my hubby and kids used to watch pee wee herman and whenever they said the word of the day everyone screamed!!!

Heather Lev ♡ This is the best!!! :) xoxo

Julie Onnembo How fun. I need to get that Harry Potter Clue!