Monday, September 22, 2014

Thanks Lego - Brian

So one day last week I was talking to someone at work who asked about how Ian was doing at home, as well as how Becca was doing since school started.  I updated them with all the current goings on and told them about the new Lego project and I were going to start on very soon.  Yes we added yet another Lego to the collection.  And YES we are still out of room for them all, lol.

Anyway, my coworker suggested that I try to contact Lego letting them know how excited Ian gets when building Legos with me and how much enjoyment he gets out of doing them.  I had never thought of doing that so I went on to their web site and sent an email to their customer service department and PR department.  Less than 24 hours later I received an email response from someone saying how delighted they were that their product brings so much happiness to Ian considering his disabilities and the time it allows him and I to bond together.  They said they were going to send Ian a special package to him directly.

Well today we received said package and it was great to see they actually took the time to not only reply to my email but to take the time to send something to him personally.  It wasn't anything big or extravagant but that's ok, it didn't need to be.  They sent him a personally signed Lego Star Wars Clone Wars poster, as you can see in the picture below.  They also included a couple of Lego Movie stickers. 


Of course Ian had a huge smile on his face when we showed him the poster, you just cant see it here because we were taking picture after picture to try to get one that was good enough. 

So just wanted to give a big thank you to Lego again for taking the time to send my son this personalized poster and for taking the time to acknowledge my email.  As the poster says, Keep On Building, which we most certainly will do.

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