Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Making Memories

Since Ian has not been going to school anymore and a teacher is coming to the house we have been able to go out a little bit more. It seems he has a little bit more energy on the weekends. so we try to venture out. A few weekends ago, Toys R Us had a free Lego building Batman lite. It really was little but we did not know what to expect, it didn't matter because the kids had a great time. And they each got to pick out something new from you know they really had a good time. 

That same weekend we went glassblowing. It was amazing and something we got to do together.  Brian and Ian each made a paperweight. Becca made a flower.  I made a ring holder. And together we made a vase. Learning something new and watching how everything is done along with watching the professionals make other things was amazing. These are treasures we will always have. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Heather Lev The glass art looks amazing!!!! :)

Amy Eisenberg Samay That glass is so cool!

Deana Munchow Yes, the glass is beautiful!

Audrey D Kline Beautiful creations, beautiful memories.

Harry Blacker Sounds like a great family time. love to all!!

Carye George Everett Beautiful!

Annelise Sullivan Very cool. Sounds like the schooling at home has had an added benefit to the family. Enjoy, you're making memories to last.