Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Little Boo - Brian

As much as she frustrates me and as much as I yell at her and could strangle her (figuratively of course), she is the best grown up little girl that I know and has stolen my heart.  This week I am up in Boston for work training and having to leave my family for so long is not very easy to do.  It’s hard to be sitting here wondering how they are.  But I digress.  Becca just absolutely made my heart skip a beat.  This morning she had a hard time going to school because I had left for Boston so Marci took her to school.  As soon as school was over, I receive the following text….I real miss u so much!  I replied to her saying that I miss her too but I will be home soon enough.  Also said we will Face Time later tonight and that I love her.  Her response and I quote…..Yeah!!!!!!

No matter the frustrations I go through with her, the attitude she projects as she becomes a tween and such how can I not love her unconditionally.  


e photography said...

so super sweet : )

Anonymous said...

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Dad love ♥ = beautiful

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Catching up on posts. .Nice tribute to dads!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz The mother one is equally powerful. (And that's the end of my hijacking this post...)