Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Understands More Then We Think

Tonight I was getting Ian comfortable in bed and he said he wanted to write in his I pulled it out and began writing. Well he was not sure what he wanted to write but proceeded to tell me that he loved me. Then he asked for Daddy, I told him that Daddy was downstairs and would be up in a few. So Brian came in and Ian told him that he needed to be patient and not yell. Brian asked him what he meant. Ian said he needed to be patient and not yell at Becca and Mommy. Mind you nothing was going on for him to need to say that, so Brian asked again what was going on. I said are you talking about now or just in general...Ian said in general. Then Ian said that he needs to say the magic word...well that would be to promise. Ian said you need to promise not to yell and scream at Becca and Mommy. Brian said "I promise I will do my best to try not to yell and scream at Becca and Mommy". The next thing Ian told Brian he had to do was to do the handshake, their special handshake. Brian asked Ian if he could be first he said no, then he looked at me and asked if it was ok, I told him yes and he told Brian he could be.

Love my little man to pieces....he understands more than we think....breaks my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Connie Rosenthal Berman <3

Carye George Everett The love that you and Brian share for each other certainly shows through in the actions of your children.

Gina Cohen So sweet. I hope Brian will always keep his promise. Love that little guy. He's so wise.

Alicia Katznelson Broth wow.

Sandra Huller Wow- deep breath- wow! <3 you!

Melissa Klawans Cohen Wow!

Samantha Gitli Schaefer What a huge heart Ian has....but that was always evident since the first time I met him helping Zach at Camp Milldale.

Deana Munchow Wow...thanks for sharing. It's very moving.

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Love. that. boy. <3

Ruth Cohen Ross Yes he does--always the sweetest child!