Friday, December 12, 2014

Becca's 6th Grade Winter Concert

We all made it to hear Becca play in her Winter Concert!

She really is on the stage, some place behind the conductor!I am not sure what Ian is thinking as he is looking at Becca. Regardless of what it is the picture is priceless. She was very happy that Ian came. 

Everyone did well on the outing and enjoyed some holiday music. 

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Anonymous said...

Debi Gersh Van Camp Thank you for sharing your special moment.

Carye George Everett It was so great to see you all last night! In all of my years of going to concerts, never have there been so many parents. It was a great turn out on a yucky weather night!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Cool! Please remind me what instrument Becca plays.

Marci Weinberg Scher Michelle Kampler Schwartz the Euphonium

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Ok now I'm looking that up!

Shari Schucht A euphonium is a "baby tuba."

Anne Polakoff King Another beautiful memory.