Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Maccabee on the Mantel

Growing up Jewish, there were traditions our non-Jewish friends had that we wanted to participate in. Well Becca and Ian are no different in that regards. Becca came home from a girl scout event one day last week, talking about the Elf on the Shelf. So Brian and I did some research...not hard to do since I work at a synagogue...just contact the person in charge of the gift shop. Low and behold we have The Maccabee on the Mantel! Some Maccabees are "magical" and they go off by themselves to hide every night (do they fly, do they walk - who knows?) and every morning it is up to the children of the house to discover where their Maccabee has landed. Some Maccabee help make the latkes with his family. Some get to play dreidel with his family and light the menorah. 
So what about our Maccabee...well 
Becca and Ian worked together and decided to name him Isaac Alexander Scher. And just what did Isaac do last night....

He decided to play with their legos!

What will he do the rest of the nights....

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Anonymous said...

Adina Levitan i LOVE this!!

Jodi Postol I want a mensch on the bench!!!

Anne Polakoff King And the Maccabee on the Mantel comes with his own storybook.

Tamara Jayne Flax cute