Monday, February 2, 2015

Feeding Update

Ian's feeding journal is complete, a new weight has been taken, and another tough decision has been made at our fork in the road.

So what do we know. Ian eats 1-5 ounces of food a day.  His current weight is, as of February 1st, 53 pounds. Ian's last weight was about a year and a half ago at 66 pounds. At the time, he was coming off of a 6 month course of steroids. Steroids can increase your appetite and put extra weight on you

Ian expends very little energy during his day. Ian does get a multi-vitamin everyday. His mind is still active. He is able to tell us when he is hungry, thirsty and full.

At this time, we don't have a good feel for his true weight lost over time because of the 66 pounds being steroid induced. When Ian eats, he seems to still be enjoying it. He is drinking and getting additional liquids through his g-tube. Brian and I did a lot of soul searching and talking yesterday. 

We have decided to give Ian a month to do what he wants, eat, drink and be merry. We will re-weigh him in a month.

Treasure yesterday, dream of tomorrow but live for today.


Anonymous said...

Marlene Ettlin

Anonymous said...

Annelise Sullivan
Sounds like a good plan. Let me know if you'd like to try anything from PeiWei in Hunt Valley for him.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Klawans Cohen
Let me know when he's in the mood for Dunkin donuts!! We'll pig out together! If he's lucky, I'll share!

Anonymous said...

Marci Phillips
We can come by with dumplings any time! let me know a good night.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Kampler Schwartz
Sigh. Hugs. Good work, parents. You are all amazing.

Anonymous said...

Eric Page
You are such good parents and so strong. Sending all our thoughts, prayers and support.

Anonymous said...

Tamara Jayne Flax
You and Brian are such wonderful and supportive parents.