Monday, February 9, 2015

Girls and Boys Weekend

This was a girls and boys weekend. Becca had cabin camping for girl scouts, hence the girls and boys weekend. We went to Camp Puh'tok for Boys and Girls, Inc. Did plenty of crafts as well as went on a short hike...well all but me...I decided to stay back and take 30 minutes to myself to read and relax. The other moms knew where I was, however, I must have forgotten to tell the daughter. When she got back, I was yelled at by said daughter along with the eye rolls for not letting her know where I was and that I was not going on hike. Oh boy...the tween years are going to be fun. However, I have to say spending the day weekend with her and seeing her shine with her friends was incredible. I was able to spend some time talking with the other moms, catching up with some I have not spent much time with over the years as well as learning about the new moms in the troop.

Becca and the Cadettes deflating the air mattress.
The Night Camp Fire program, retiring and burning an American Flag.

Well the boys, had their weekend at home. Played on the Wii, watched some movies, had carry out pizza for dinner and even slept in a little bit on Sunday. The smile on Ian's face when we said good-bye to him on Saturday morning and he knew he was having boy time with daddy was priceless.

We hope everyone had a great weekend, regardless of if yours was a girls, boys or just a weekend.

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