Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Surgery Update

Well we are almost 3 hours into when Ian was taken back into the OR. There is a nurse liaison who comes out every hour to give us an update...the first update was just to let us know they had gotten a few of his lines in they needed for the surgery. About 15 minutes later the general surgeon came out to let us know the central line had been placed and looked good. This line can stay in as long as possible while he is inpatient. For the 2nd update from the RN liaison, she said that she thought they had the arterial line in before but she was wrong and they were working on getting that in when she was in the OR checking in. The a-line is extremely important as it is used to monitor the blood pressure real time and to obtain samples for aterial blood gas measurements. Since we know Ian will need to get blood, having this line to monitor his blood pressures is beyond important. The 3rd update just happened and as the nurse was leaving the OR, Dr. M was  scrubbed and heading in. All of these things were factored into the 6-8 hour time frame. There is a chance we will get a bonus hour but will have to see how things go.


Jodi Postol said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers all day today. Stay strong-I know it's hard.

Gomakeart said...

(((( hugs ))))

Barb P

Anonymous said...

Rebecca Lamb Mlinek Ian has been on my mind all morning. Praying for him, for all of you.

Harry Blacker Just said another prayer for my little cousin ad his loving family.

Linda Butler ❤🙏

Sherri Sibel Thomas Thoughts and prayers.

Carrie Levin Weitzman Praying hard!!

Laura Monfried Egerman Sending good thoughts to all of you!

Heather Schmidt Young Thinking of you all!

Kristine Poetker Hale Thinking of you

Shelly Thompson I've been thinking about you! Prayers for you all!

Gina Cohen You all are on my mind non-stop today. Saying prayers.

Jamie Bentkowski Swann Thoughts and prayers heading your way!

Julie Goldman Holzman Thinking of you!!!

Daean Menke Surrounding you with hugs. Wish i was there to share a cup of coffee ☺

Sallie Brovitz-Palmer Thinking of you all!

Lisa M Verducci Thinking of you!

Carolyn Horn Sawaya Prayers for all of you. XO

Audrey D Kline Hope all is going well with the surgery!

Sherri Asher Thinking of you all

Karen Krantweiss Nudelman I'm thinking about Ian and all of your family today. My mom had spinal fusion surgery in January. I know it's a different situation entirely with Ian. I can't imagine your stress level. I'm sure you are surrounded by loving family right now.