Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2 West

Late yesterday, we moved from the PICU to the floor. All one step closer to coming home.  Tuesday night was fair for Ian, the respiratory therapists got some good secretions and a few plugs during respiratory therapy, the plugs are what made it fair, but over all he did get a good night sleep.

Wednesday has started off good for him. Physical therapy came in early this morning did his stretches. He says they are getting easier now that they are being done everyday. As of 12:50pm, when I am typing this Ian has been sitting in his chair for over 2 hours and going strong, they will be getting him back in bed around 1. He will need to sit in his chair again today for about 2 hours as well as get his stretches in again.  As soon as he was back bed, he was out.

Rounds were just done around 2:15, later then on the PICU. So the game plan is to increase his respiratory therapy and try some manual chest therapy. As long as he tolerates that well today, they may start his vest therapy tonight at a decreased rate then normal. Assuming he handles the rest of today well, tomorrow they will change his trache back to his home trache as well as start the cough assist therapy at a decreased rate from normal. If all this goes well, and Ian handles all of his home treatments with out any pain and he does not have any extra plugs we maybe able to split this joint on Friday. We can work on increasing his therapies back to his home rates once we are home. Ian has started to eat a little bit by mouth and continues to get feeds through his g-tube at night. He may need to go home on some g-tube night feeds but we will work on those going away once he is eating some more by mouth. Baby steps will get our superhero home.

Becca is doing well. A little bored from time to time. However, she is getting to spend lots of time with cousins she does not get to see often. We will have to make sure that changes once we are home, as I think all of the kids are enjoying each other.

So here is to the rest of today and tomorrow going well. Remember to treasure yesterday, dream of tomorrow but live for today.

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Anonymous said...

Deana Munchow Great news!

Julie Berman Katz Sending you all good vibes!!!

Donna A. Lewis Great update! Yay for sitting! Fingers crossed for Friday.

Sherri Asher Best news I have heard all Day!!

Ruth Cohen Ross Sounding good! Hope it all keeps going in this direction!

Lisa Allentoff Hess Good news!
Glad to hear all the good news. Love to all

Stephanie Rabinowitz The strongest kids I know ❤❤❤

Marlene Ettlin ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘❤๐Ÿ’œ

Gina Cohen 1 step closer. yay!!