Wednesday, April 1, 2015

After Surgery

Yesterday went much better than expected. Ian rocked the surgery. He lost less then 300cc of blood, did not need a transfusion, and as you can tell from the photos below gained some inches.  

His night was good. He is still sedated with pain medicine. His blood pressure dipped so they have started him on medicine for that, in addition to pushing some extra fluids. We have been assured this is all normal for a day post-op. They seem to have it all under control. 

Rounds were good this morning. His carbon dioxide level was elevated to 58 but has since come down to 47. They like this to be between 35-45 but will continue to monitor and change his vent settings to adjust. The hope is that he will get back to his normal vent settings. In addition, this will improve as they begin some of his pulmonary toileting. The plan is to start IPV every 4 hours as he will not be able to handle his normal toileting. 

As for his pain, that is under control. They will decrease his fentanyl pump today in order for him to be more awake today. It was up last night in order for him to sleep and to stay pretty much sedated. He was just up for a few minutes and the first thing he asked for was TV and his glasses. 

The physical therapists came in this morning and did some range of motion on him. She discussed having someone come in and modify the wheelchair tomorrow, or at least begin the process.

Looking forward to a calm and easy day for Ian.
Before                    After


Jodi Postol said...

This is excellent news! Ian is a rock star for sure! Give him kisses from me!

Rachel said...

Good looking hardware. I am so happy to hear things are progressing positively.

Rachel said...
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Marci Scher said...

Connie McElroy Lippenholz So grateful all is going so well. We love you all!

Donna A. Lewis Wow. What a great update. Love the x-rays!

Erika Agetstein Buchdahl If he asked for TV and glasses he is all good. ;-)👍

Melissa Hicks Willen Best news ever. The TV comment was priceless

Jennifer Paradise Baker with hope and prayers that his recovery will go well! What a blessing!

Heather Lev Awesome update!!! :)

Mindy Hammerman Lipsey Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Marlene Ettlin So glad everything went well. ❌⭕

Siri Piri Good news :) hope everything runs smoothly and you'll be home again soon.

Julie Onnembo Great News! Ian you are a Rock Star!

Elizabeth Shamash Weatherholtz Praying for a positive recovery and outcome. Thank you for sharing.

Reesa Greenberg Szikman Thinking of you all and glad all went well!

Robin Katcoff Just seeing the X-Ray is amazing

Jennifer Larsen Orlando He's an amazing boy. So happy he did so well!

Heather Schmidt Young Wow! What a difference! Great job Ian! And Mom, Dad & Becca too!

Debi Gersh Van Camp 👍👍👍

Judy Schwartz Amazing and wonderful!

Annelise Sullivan Wow! Dramatic before and after photos! Keep healing, Ian.

Barbara Paige Incredible! He is my superhero!⭐

Gina Cohen My heart is smiling for all of you. Truly amazing!

Audrey D Kline You definitely deserve the good drugs! Glad things are going so well. Hope you have a quiet night. Xoxo