Saturday, April 4, 2015

I LOVE MY SON by Brian

THIS.....mister sleeping beauty.  Im just sitting there in silence, dumbfounded that he had the audacity to fall asleep on me just like that.  Marci sees me sitting there and asks whats wrong.  I dont respond and then she asks if he is sleeping and I just shook my head yes.  Marci starts to laugh like its the funniest thing she has ever seen or heard.  Then precedes to tell me that I have bored my son to sleep.  I think I have now hit an all time low and new record with Ian.   Not only did he apparently not want to build the thing, he fell asleep within MINUTES!!!
Therefore, as the title says....I LOVE MY SON!!!

1 comment:

Marci Scher said...

Elena Lucini French Conrad and Logan are laughing! Awesome story :-)

Kendra Bober I love this so much!!

Susan Weinberg Lewis Priceless

Marlene Ettlin So cute. He loves you but just tired.

Sara Lichtig Hoffman Ha!

Gina Cohen Love the Jewish bear. Ian looks comfy. Haha Brian.

Annelise Sullivan He was just too tired to work it with you, Brian.

Ivy Hoang Awwwwwww!!!!

Sharon Portnoy Scher This is funny! But as your mother I can say I back can BE boring at times

Arlene Brown Stein he just knew you wanted to play with it

Steve Lunenfeld Great story Brian.

Michelle Kampler Schwartz The thing is, Brian, that he loves YOU so much that even though he was tired he wanted to play with you...

Mitchell Cooper I hope you built him something nice anyway