Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rest of Saturday, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

Ian slept most of the day on Saturday. They did a chest x-ray around 3pm and the pneumothorax (collapsed lung), appeared to get a little bit better than the morning xray. But because of this, the lung is not able to expand all the way out to the chest wall. They will repeat the chest x-ray at 10pm. The 10pm chest X-ray showed a little bit of improvement. His night was pretty good considering he was woken up every few hours for his treatments. Once that happened he would cluck for something, hence my sleep was not so good.

In addition, he started running a slight temperature, which caused them to run a culture from his central line and started him on antibiotics. They don't want to culture his trache because it could make the collapse worse. At this time all his cultures are pending.

So the current plan is to the get the servo (hospital vent) onto his home vent settings. Once he is stable on the servo for a little while they will move him back to his LTV (home vent). Once he is stable on the LTV, they will change him back over to the uncuffed trache. They will only get X-rays once a day in order to really see what is happening.

Within the hour, all of his medicines will be converted back over to through his g-tube except for his as needed morphine. We can start him on clear liquids, really we were told that once we got him to drink a little bit of ice tea and he handled that well we could begin giving him food again. So hoping to do that later this afternoon. The NG tube they placed yesterday will stay in for the time being.

So we are really back to where we were on is to more steps forward and no more steps backward. 


Sally Grobani said...

Thinking of you all, and hoping that Ian continues to make more forward progress each day.
Sally Grobani

Anonymous said...

Deana Munchow Many healing wishes and thoughts for Ian!

Erika Agetstein Buchdahl 👍👍👍👍

Lisa M Verducci Thinking of all of you

Nancy Polack Kaplan Praying for continued progress. So stressful for you. Hang in there.

Anne Polakoff King Keeping all of you in my prayers.

Ian Pinkett Bari sends her hellos and well wishes to Ian as do I. Thoughts and prayers for a strong recovery for him and hoping you guys are hanging in as best you can.

Debbi Heyman Stern Constantly thinking of you!

Sheri Knauth Did I miss his collapsed lung?! Prayers for speedy steps forward!!!

Vivian Chait Praying for forward steps only!

Kellie Holmes Sending good blessings to you.

Irina Brusilovsky Goldsmith <3 you guys!!!

Julie Goldman Holzman Thinking of you!!!

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld Sending positive thoughts your way!!

Stuart Zvi Katz Hey Ian! Feel better fast!

Rachel Schreiber Levitan Thinking of you and hoping all progresses well

Donna A. Lewis Steps forward. <3