Friday, April 24, 2015

RIP Dr. Derick Sheppard, Grey's Anatomy

It has been all over Facebook....people crying, people want him back. Dr. Derick Sheppard died last night on Grey's Anatomy. (Sorry if this is a spoiler for some). It was acting for Derick and Meredith, just a TV show, a job, but for some it is reality. It could be our reality. 

Accidents happen, people get hurt, people die, it's all part of life. It is a VRK1 mutation, PCH1A; for us, no accident, a genetic mutation. What are the chances, one in how one knows. PCH1A is something you have never heard of before Ian, something we have never heard of before July 2012. Regardless of the name it has not changed our reality, it would still be the same.

Watching the nurse turn the life support machines off on Derick, was heart wrenching for fans of the show. For Brian and I, we saw our baby laying in that bed, envisioning what it would be like....are we going to have to take him off the vent or will it be something else? Last night was not the first time we have envisioned this or spoken about it, we are well aware the time will come when we may need to turn the vent off, take him off life won't be fair to him to continue living the way he is...we are well aware. My emotions were a little out of sorts watching the show, to be honest they still mind keeps going back to the scene from Grey's. What will it be like, is that how it will happen, how much reality do the writers put into the show? 

I know over time the image will not keep running through my will get easier and I will forget, well at least for a time being, as the show did not put anything new into our minds, it just reinforced it. 

For now, we will try to treasure yesterday, dream of tomorrow but live for today.

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