Saturday, April 4, 2015


Friday night was a relatively good night. His hemoglobin levels had dropped again a little bit so they did give him one unit of blood. When they checked them this morning they were around 12.5, where they want them to be. They will check again tomorrow morning, unless they see a reason to do so before hand. 

Around 8am, his morning turned a little rough. Ian started having some breathing issues. A chest xray showed a little bit more collapse on his left side. So they changed him back to the other vent again for now.  While on this vent he can't move out of the PICU but this is where he needs to be for now. 

In addition, his belly is still so rigid they took xrays and don't see anything, except for a lot of air. To help alleviate the gas in his stomach they put a tube down his nose and in to his belly to help it faster. I asked if this is normal and was informed it can be normal especially with all the increased pain medicines he is getting. They changed the morphine back over to IV from G-tube. Since the x-ray did not show a blockage, all other medicines will go back to his G-tube. 

 Ian seems to be relaxing and comfortable at this point.

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