Monday, April 6, 2015

Sunday Niight and Plan for Monday (April 5th and 6th)

Yesterday, Ian ate a little bit of food, well about 5 sips of ice tea and 2 spoonfuls of rice and cheese. He slept well. Brian said that it was a quiet night for Ian...not for Brian.

Yesterday morning, Nana and Pop-pop came to visit and say good bye before heading back home today. Later in the afternoon, Nana and Pop, Aunt Susan and all came to visit and have dinner for Nana's birthday...happy birthday Nana, we hope you had a good day.

Another chest x-ray was done this morning and the unofficial word is that it looks much better then yesterday. So we are moving along with that and saying good by to collapsed lung.

So the plan for today, to get Ian back onto his home settings on the servo, we thought he was back there last night but he was not. So he will be decreased every few hours getting him there by the end of the day. As long as he does well on the servo with his home settings he will be moved over to the LTV (his home vent) tonight. Once we can get him on the LTV and he does well, we can get out of the PICU. Being on the servo vent is the only thing keeping him in the PICU. Next, will come getting his trache changed back to his 5.5 uncuffed but that won't happen until he is back on the LTV and stable with that.

The other day they needed to put an NG tube in to get extra air out of his stomach, that has been successful. The NG tube will come out sometime today. The hope is that with the tube out, Ian's appetite will increase and he will eat more. Getting him to eat more will reduce the need to increase his tube feeds.

Another change for the day, is to decrease his morphine to 3mg every 8 hours from 8mg every 8 hours. He is still on all of his normal pain medicines from home. They will be stopping the IV antibiotics today as well but keeping him on his home antibiotics. The morphine is the only extra medicine he is currently on.

Thank you to everyone who has sent e-cards. If you would like to send Ian an e-card, you can go to In the bottom right corner of the main page click on send an e-card. Choose the Wilmington, Delaware location. Ian is in the PICU room 25. I know he will love to hear from everyone. 

Here's to another day of moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

Bryna Spector Bernstein slow and steady wins the race. Keep moving forward Ian.

Robyn Katz Glad he's making progress! You are all in our thoughts. From the Katz family.

Ruth Cohen Ross So glad it is all moving in the right direction! Good luck!

Jennifer Paradise Baker Good news! So positive!

Mindy Hammerman Lipsey Glad to hear he's moving forward. Hope you're back home soon.

Harriett Slatow Thinking about you lots! Happy that Ian is doing well!