Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Birthday Presents

Today, Ian had school and he worked on a sheet called The Birthday Presents. He had to pick 5 presents on the sheet and write a sentence about each one. Here are his sentences:

1. Ian wants the DVD Thor: The Dark World because Thor is brave like me.
2. A spiderman sheet set would be a good gift because spiderman is my favorite superhero. 
3. I have always wanted a train set to build up a little town and watch the train go around. 
4. I would like to go to a baseball game to get an autographed bat and ball. 
5. A big surprise party would make me happy because I like being around family and friends. 

So here are the answers Brian and I gave to him.

1. Ok the DVD is something we can get him for his birthday. 
2. While we would love to get him a spiderman sheet set, they don't make them to fit hospital beds. So we asked him if he would settle for the blankets and pillow cases he already has. He said yes for his bed in his room but what about for his bed in the den.  We continued to tell him that his bed in the den is also a hospital bed. His response, oh man.
3. Train set: he has one....and has told us to give it away, so no need for a new one. 
4. The baseball bat and ball, since we were in his room this one was easy....we pulled out his 2 baseball bats that are autographed as well as his 2 baseballs that are autographed. One of the balls is the one from 2 summers ago when he threw out the first pitch.  So he has eclipsed the basic autographed bat and ball. 
5. The party: told him to forget he knows anything about his party and then it will be a surprise.

This was just classic....too good to not share as well as for me to document so we remember it. 

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Anonymous said...

Heather Lev He is so funny!! :)

Deana Munchow That's great. If I could sew I would make him a Spider-Man sheet set for his hospital bed!!!

Linda Butler Cute!

Gina Cohen This made me chuckle. Ian has quite a personality. Glad he's feeling better to do school work.

Julie Onnembo When is Ian's birthday? I will send him a Louisville Slugger with his name on it. Who is his favorite team?

Sandra Huller ❤ this!;)