Monday, May 11, 2015

Causes of a Headache - by Brian

Almost each and every day we suffer from some sort of headache whether it be a slight pain in your head or a really bad migraine. Typically we relate a headache to many different factors such as stress, lack of sleep or even dehydration. We all use different methods of relieving this discomfort and such by taking medication, being in a dark and quiet room, etc. But tonight I learned an all new reason behind why someone would get a headache or pressure in their head. So there I am in Ian's room, writing with him in his journal and he makes a comment as how he doesn't like the pressure. I ask what pressure and he says the pressure in my head. Logical thing to ask next is if he has a headache and he says no.  So I ask why he has pressure in his head. Ian didn't really know what to say and I asked him if it was because of all the information and knowledge in his head. He promptly replied yes that's it. And I told him that's why we were writing in his journal to get some of those thoughts out of his brain and to relieve some of the pressure. Even with that Ian still grimaced and said he doesn't like the pressure. I told him that's what happens when you know so much. So next time you have pressure in your brain just remember it may not be an actual headache. It could be all the knowledge and information in there with no more room. So write some things down to make room. Otherwise who knows maybe your head will explode from the pressure.

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Anonymous said...

Heather Lev Love that cute kid. Xoxo

Amy Eisenberg Samay Everyone I know who suffers from migraine, has a had a rough week or so. Think the weather is making it worse.

Dawn Reznik Ian is something else - who knew!!!

Nancy Polack Kaplan Inciteful child. Hope you had a good mother's day. Your blog is beautifully written.

Steven Rosensweig STRESS!!!