Friday, May 29, 2015

Slow Improvements

Ian has made slow, small improvements as the day has gone on. We have been in touch with our hospice nurse (Nurse E) and MD (Dr. H). Dr. H does not think it is Ian has an infection as when he gets them he gets them and spirals quickly. She feels that he is showing slow improvements and he should continue to show improvements. According to our nurse today, he has eaten ok and napped well. In addition, she said the best medicine is oxygen and to be liberal with it. She also said to make sure he is getting plenty of fluids as not enough can cause plugs and for the secretions to be thick. So we continue to move forward with what we are doing and hoping we see the steady improvements. 

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Anonymous said...

Erika Agetstein Buchdahl Hugs

Gina Cohen Keeping all of you in my thoughts.

Jessica Woolf Dorsey Slow and steady wins the race! Thinking of you guys. Eva and I need to come over stat!
Marci Weinberg Scher We would love to have you.
Jessica Woolf Dorsey We could do a Thursday night visit.... Or will have to wait this weekend is not my weekend :(

Sandra Huller <3!!!

Jamie Bentkowski Swann Keeping Ian in our thoughts and prayers!!

Marlene Ettlin ❌⭕🌸🌸

Marci Phillips Thinking of you guys - we'd love to visit soon.