Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rough Weekend....Life Goes On

Things were great on Friday night when Ian went to sleep, however, things quickly turned Saturday morning. Ian's night nurse was doing his AM treatments (nebulizer, chest vest, and cough assist), when he decided for his oxygen levels to drop.  After an extra cough assist treatment, we pulled a muscus plug, this was after putting him on 5 liters of oxygen. His heart rate was also elevated to the 160's. We gave him ativan and oxycodone, along with a phone call into his hospice nurse. She told us to give him another dose of the ativan and oxycodone and hour after giving it the first time and that we could give it every hour if needed. Through out the day we continued with the ativan and oxycodone, as well as the oxygen. We were able to get him down to 3 liters but would have to put him back up from time to time. Through out this life must go on, we have visits from cousins and grandparents. As well as our annual Easter Egg hunt...yes I know Easter past but this was the date that worked for our neighbors who put it on for the kids every year. Becca got to spend some time with one of her friends late in the day and even slept out. I got to spend some time with a friend as well who came over for dinner and just to hang. Ian kept us on our toes through all of this. He had a good night sleep, remaining on oxygen and a plug out this morning,  As I am updating this, he is down to 1.5 liters of oxygen and we have not had to give oxycodone today. Becca is at her Girl Scout Tea with her cousin and Brian is there working the kitchen.  Ian and I are home, watching tv, getting our feet rubbed...oh wait that would be him getting them rubbed, me doing the rubbing...folding laundry and getting ready for the week...after all life goes on.

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Anonymous said...

Sherie Bober Rubin Glad all is looking up. So sorry

Annelise Sullivan Glad he's improving.

Carye George Everett Sorry it was a rough weekend. Happy he is improving. Sending hugs💓

Katie Cullen McGoey Keeping you in my prayers 💜💜💜

Laurie Rubin Glad Ian is doing better. Keeping you in my prayers.

Ezra Aaron Buchdahl Hang in there!

Lauren Agetstein I know you said in your news interview these things can happen without any notice. Glad things are looking up now.

Rachel Heath Wallace ❤

Connie McElroy Lippenholz Sorry for the rough weekend. Hugs and more hugs!

Jennifer Larsen Orlando Sorry it was a rough weekend. Glad he's doing better.

Carol Zika Just read Brian's previous entry. Profound. And I know writing things down helps.

Barbara Paige Hugs❤

Scot Lippenholz Where's that damn dislike button

Cyndi Powers Kona can come visit again! Brian was sweating good butt off in that kitchen. So glad your little man is doing better.

Marlene Ettlin Sorry that you all had a rough time. I pray that it gets better. 💜💜

Gina Cohen Love & strength to all of you. I apologize I haven't followed thru with my visit. If your around this holiday weekend, I would like to visit my super hero.
Marci Weinberg Scher Hope all is well with you. Ian will be going back to the Gilchrist hotel this weekend.

Amy Eisenberg Samay Glad to hear that things improved as the weekend progressed.

Melissa Leon Glad Ian is doing better:) Hope you get some rest tonight.

Michelle Levine Davis Hope you all have a good night.

Deana Munchow Praying for more recovery.