Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Microcephaly Awareness Day...I Love Someone with Microcephaly

Today is Microcephaly Awareness of the characteristics of PCH is microcephaly. 

According to The Foundation for Children with Microcephaly....
Microcephaly means small (micro) head (cephaly). It is a neurological disorder where the head circumference is less than it should normally be in an infant or a child. The condition can be present at birth or develop within the first few years of life. Most parents do not know why their child has microcephaly and may never know the cause - even with advanced genetic testing. The most difficult thing we have found is each and every case of microcephaly is different. Some children have mild to moderate delays, while others have severe delays. Most of the time there is no way to know how your child diagnosed with microcephaly will develop.  In some cases delays are apparent right away, and in others delays won't show up until after a year old. So the only thing that we as, parents, can do is just try to help our child progress, enjoy every moment with your child and take life day by day - trying not to worry about all of unanswered questions (which is must easier said than done).

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