Sunday, September 20, 2015

Things Happen in 3's

Over the past 3 weeks...I would like to say things happen in 3's and then you are done.

3 weeks ago our stove went up...ok, easy not so inexpensive fix,  a new stove.

Last week, our microwave went up. Ok so another easy fix...a new microwave.

Well today, we headed down to the Pasadena area for a Chai Lifeline end of the summer family BBQ. We had a great time, Becca went on a jet ski, swimming, both kids went fishing. It was beautiful weather. Time to come home, we are 5-10 minutes into the ride and Brian said the temperature light comes on and then we start to see smoke from under the hood...the 3rd thing...our van breaking down. Thanks to my wonderful cousin, who also happened to be at the BBQ, the kids and I got home safely whole Brian waited with the van for the tow truck. Tomorrow we find out how easy and I'm sure not so inexpensive this fix is.

I know this is all just stuff, just frustrating and interferes with life.

I believe things happen on 3's. ..ok I'm done.

1 comment:

Marci Scher said...

Mitzi Agetstein Spiegelman Yuck. Sorry. If I can help in anyway let me know.I'm around all week

Erika Agetstein Buchdahl Sorry I wasn't able to help. Xoxo

Elena Lucini French Ugh. Sorry. So frustrating. Hopefully you are three and out for awhile!!

Adena Baer Great seeing you guys today 😘😘😘

Tamara Jayne Flax Ugh! That is enough stuff!

Heather Schmidt Young I agree, it's always 3's. I hope it's a quick, inexpensive fix for your van.

Sandra Huller very frustrating! sorry all of that has happened.....and i agree with you- things do happen in threes.....:(

Adina Levitan So good seeing you today! Glad everyone made it home safe!

Alicia Katznelson Broth Boo.... that's frustrating! :(

Annelise Sullivan That just sucks. Yes, I subscribe to the theory of threes. So, the good news? You're done!

Danielle Houseal Boo. Hope it is a simple fix.

Daean Menke The three thing....crazy but so true!

Leslie Kapper Sands Let me know if we can be of help

Marlene Ettlin I'm sorry. Things have got to get better and they will. ❤❤

Anne Polakoff King Yup, you are done.

Sallie Brovitz-Palmer Oh no! Hoping things are on the upswing for you all!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz So frustrating! And I guess you are not counting Verizon going out....

Arlene Brown Stein so now your 3's over. hope it is an easy not expensive fix