Monday, November 2, 2015

Joey and her Walkabout

Joey...this is the photo I posted on Facebook
Our fur-baby...Joey....decided to go for a walkabout (as we are calling it) on Friday. Around 10:30, she was let out to do her thing. Not sure of the exact timing on everything but Joey decided to "forget" where she lived. Yes we are bad parents, she did not have her collar on nor is she chipped. 11:30 came and went and still no Joey, so I went home for my "lunch" break. Thinking it would be easy to find her...she would be sitting on someone else's front porch. I started driving around the neighborhood. No luck. Decided it was time to walk the neighborhood in order to get in backyards with no fences and near the train tracks and stream. Still no luck. At this point, I decided it was time to post on Facebook...but only on my page. This prompted friends to send me messages saying they were coming to a few phone calls to other friends and we had our mom, my in-laws, Brian, Heather, Melissa, Mackenzie, Jodi, Annelise and her daughter. Everyone was either driving or walking the neighborhood...calling her name, although not sure if that matter as we are not sure Joey can hear anymore...after all she is a senior dog at 16 years old. During this time, I had made some calls to vets in the area, the human society and the SPCA. No one had seen her. Jodi came in to let us know her status and asked if I had posted on Facebook, yes I had...she asked what about the Reisterstown Page...nope I had up went another this point it was close to 2:15. We had a hit. I remember reading the post..."someone found a dog earlier today who looked like this one"...who, where, more information I asked. The person found the post and did a screen shot...yup it was our Joey....she had managed to make it to one of the local daycare centers on Main Street. For those who don't know the area I would say that it was about a 2 mile walk...didn't know she still had it in her...or maybe she didn't based on the photo of her from Saturday. I called the daycare to find out that she was a one of the worker's homes about a mile from our house. Off Brian and I went....yup it was her...they were waiting for animal control to come get her since she was not chipped and no collar. At 2:30, we walked back in the door with our fur-baby back in hand. Around 3:30, we got a call from the Human Society to let us know someone had found our dog...I explained how through Facebook we had gotten her back so they could take her off the missing list. As you can see from the photo below taken on Saturday, her collar is back on. We are hoping this was a one time incident and Joey is not going to go for another walkabout. A huge thank you to everyone who helped us to find her and for the staff at A Small Wonders Daycare for taking care of her. 
Joey on Saturday...all she did was sleep...her adventure on Friday tuckered her out.

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Marci Scher said...

Annelise Sullivan "Walkabout" love it! So glad your pumpkin got home!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Oh, Joey....

Connie McElroy Lippenholz Crazy girl!