Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mystery on Camp Lookout Mountain by: Ian Scher

It's the first day of our weekend camp. The old gang is back. There's Ian, Becca, Marci, Brian, Tee, and Donna; along with all the other campers. The weather is good today, but we will have to deal with fog tomorrow during most of our activities. Right now Ian and Marci have to get all the campers settled on so they can unpack. Becca, Donna and Tee are team captains this year. Brian is no longer in charge of activities because he's too competitive. He is responsible for keeping the equipment clean and he's not happy. Dinner has been served. All the campers are off to bed to prepare for tomorrow's events. It's Saturday, let the games begin. The first event is the canoe race. It was a close race until Becca's team canoe flooded. There was a small hole on the side that Brian said he never saw. The next activity was the Archery competition. Donna's teams' target kept falling because no one's arrow could penetrate the target. Later, it was discovered that the target was magnetic. The hiking trail was the last event. Every camper was to carry a 5 pound backpack for 2 miles. Tee's team came in last place because all of them complained about back pain. Each team lost one of the major competitons. How did that happen? It's a mystery. How did the new canoe get a hole? Why was one teams' target magnet when they're supposed to be wooden? What made one teams' back hurt so bad, they couldn't finish the trail? Is it a coincidence?  Who was responsible for this? Wait a minute! It has to be Brian. He was the one who checked each canoe, set up the targets, and packed the backpacks. Ian and Marci are investigating. They found a little old storage room in the basement of the main cabin. They found a drill, the extra target, and too many rocks. When Ian and Marci met with Brian, he confessed. He didn't like being called the equipment man.

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Marci Scher said...

Donna A. Lewis Is this written by Ian? It's VERY suspenseful!!!
Marci Weinberg Scher Yes Donna A. Lewis Ian wrote it.
Donna A. Lewis He's a very good writer!

Jill Pelovitz As a former middle school Language Arts teacher I have to say, great story telling! Perhaps this should be the first of a series of short stories.

Donna A. Lewis Ditto what Jill said.

Erika Agetstein Buchdahl Love it

Kendra Bober Ben gave it a thumbs up!

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld Very good storytelling!!

Annelise Sullivan Great writing! We want more!

Heather Lev ❤

Andy Cooper Great story! Still love Brian, but going to have to keep an eye him from now on

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Love the imagination!

Lisa Reid Miller Wonderful story! Maybe make this a series.....

Melody Ballan Cooper Play nice Brian!