Monday, January 18, 2016

A Published Author

On November 17, 2015, I blogged a story written by Ian with his teacher....who would have thought that by January 16, 2016, it would have been published. Ian is a published author. Thanks to wonderful chai lifeline volunteers, Andrew Schwartz, Jared Hurwitz and Melanie Sidle...his story was put to print. We had no idea, the volunteers ran with it, from Andrew taking the lead, Melanie illustrating, and Jared putting it all together. When his book was presented to him, Ian's smile was priceless...just as is the book. The art work is amazing...thank you Melanie, you are incredibly talented. Jared, thank you for putting it all together and Andrew, thank you for coming up with the idea. One more thing which we can say Ian has done, become a publish author.


Lisa Lewis said...

Wow! That is so incredible, beyond words!! Congrats little man!

Jodi Postol said...

Amazing! Is this book available for purchase, or was it a rare edition?

Marci Scher said...

Adina Levitan Awesome!!!!

Laurie Rubin I love this!!

Sandra Huller Absolutely amazing!!!!❤❤❤❤

Michelle Kampler Schwartz That is freakin AMAZING!! I hope you got an Ian-smile for that!!!

Michelle Levine Davis Wow! Terrific!

Shari Schucht Awesome!

Marcia Bycoffe Wow! Congratulations Ian!

Barbara Paige Incredible! What a masterpiece! Congrats!

Ephraim Shapiro Amazin

Michelle Bar-av Holy cow!!! That's flipping amazing!!

Amy Meyers Steinberg Fabuolous!

Deana Munchow That's such a gift!! Congratulations to Ian!!

Merle Lemler Brenner Congratulations to Ian. So wonderful.

Alicia Katznelson Broth Love!

Pamela Shurkin Meister Amazing!

Lori Kaplan That's awesome!

Anne Polakoff King That is totally awesome.

Lynette Fitzpatrick Terrific

Melody Ballan Cooper Its Number 1 on the top best books! Way to go Ian!!

Jo Alderman Greenberg That is very exciting!! Congrats to Ian!

Pauline Church Yamin Are we able to order a copy?

Jodi Postol I asked the same question on the blog site Pauline!

Pauline Church Yamin Or maybe post a video someone reading it to Ian or to us?! Maybe?