Sunday, March 27, 2016

A Full Weekend of Chai Lifeline

On Friday night, we were fortunate to have Shabbat dinner with two wonderful families, the Hurwitz's and Schwartz's (both whose sons volunteer with Chai lifeline and visit Ian regularly) along with some of the other volunteers. It was wonderful to get out and do without completely worrying about Ian. The boys took Ian under their care, played hide and seek, lots of laughter came from the rooms they were hanging out in. Both families also have wonderful daughters, who Becca hung out with and got to be a kids. As for the adults, drinks were had, food was eaten and adult conversations happened. We are extremely grateful to the Hurwitz and Schwartz families for hosting us.

Sunday morning started off too early, heading down to Arundel Mills mall for the Color Vibe run. Chai Lifeline had over 100 runners participating. Like true for nothing is done small. We danced, got colored and "walked".



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