Thursday, June 23, 2016


Schools out, your sister is in Alaska on vacation, what is a boy to do? No need to worry Chai Lifeline will take care of you. They arrived with the canvas, balloons, paint, darts, and ready to have fun. All Ian knew is that they had a surprise for him, well he was okay with that until it was time for it to happen and then he got "scared". Not knowing what to expect, photos were taken of his friends setting up, shown to Ian so he could relax a little bit.

Balloons filled with paint were tacked to the canvas, more paint was poured onto of the balloons and the masterpiece was started. Dart after dart was thrown at the balloons. Balloons pooped and paint went everywhere...all over the canvas, the chair and the grass. Oh yeah and on Ian and his friends.  

Ian and Jared, his big brother

Mommy and Daddy to into it and trying throwing some darts as well.

Ian and his friends....they are all still pretty clean, the paint fight happened after the masterpiece was done.

The masterpiece is still drying and we are hoping we can find the tape under all the paint to get to Ian's name.

Then came Ian's super hero blanket. Last week Ian and Jared, used an app to come up with a super hero for Ian. It was then transformed into a blanket!

Way to go Super Ian!


Anonymous said...

Laurie Rubin
Looks like a fun time ;)

Mary Fab
Woo hoo!! Looks like a blast Ian!

Jennifer Larsen Orlando
So awesome!

Heather Schmidt Young
That is so awesome!!

Barbara Paige
Amazing! Absolutely amazing!🎈🎨🎈😍

Connie McElroy Lippenholz
So fun!

Anonymous said...

Daean Menke
OMG! Fantastic! I wish we had that for Claire! Just amazing what Chi Life does!

Harry Blacker
Love it!!!!

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld
Amazing! Love what they do. We were there yesterday with Justin's mitzvah project. They made him feel so good.

Anonymous said...

Sallie Brovitz-Palmer

Susan Ritmiller
And this is one of the many reasons I will support your fundraising efforts for such an awesome organization!

Jamie Leboe
That looks like so much fun!

Sherri Eisenberg Flaks
This is just so unbelievably awesome!

Samantha Gitli Schaefer
So creative and fun! What an amazing group of people!!

Jamie Nathanson Miller
The smile says it all.😍

Susan Weinberg Lewis
Tell Ian I want to do this the next time we get together! I want to throw darts

Anonymous said...

Marlene Ettlin
What a great time for Ian. So glad that he had fun.

Sherie Bober Rubin
Looks like so much fun!!

Rachel Rosenberg
Love seeing that smile!

Cheryl Opsahl
What an awesome day for Ian!!!

Heather Lapsley DeConde
This art teacher is so proud!

Kathy Stevens
That blanket is amazing! Such a great smile Ian has with face paint! Looks like a super fun day!

Marci Scher said...

Ann Brown Gorton What an amazing organization.

Vivian Chait A wonderful group of young adults!

Barbara Paige Absolutely amazing! So ✨magical✨!

Sally Weintraub Grobani What fun - messy fun!