Sunday, July 31, 2016


I just finished reading the book House Arrest. This book has many similarities, yet many differences to our lives. It is about a middle schooler who ends up on house arrest for stealing a wallet in order to try to help his family. His baby brother has a trach and nursing needs, yet due to certain circumstances, they can't get everything he needs. Timothy, the middle schooler, must write in a journal regarding his feelings and what he has learned being on house arrest while reflecting on why he stole the wallet. Some of the feelings and emotions he comes across, such as feeling like he was on house arrest before the court ordered house arrest because of his brother, or the feelings of needing to try to find a way to fix his brother. I started to wonder if these are some of the feelings that Becca may be having. For many reasons, we don't go out as a family very often. When she has activities, most of the time we find others to take her, as someone needs to be with Ian at all times, how does that make her feel, does she really understand why we aren't the ones to take her? How will all of this affect her when she gets older? My hope is that she really gets it and our family situation will help mold her into a wonderful person, a caring person, one who helps others regardless of the situation. My hope is that as time goes on she does not resent any of this and it helps to mold her. My hope is that she comes to terms with it all and has others to share her feelings not feel like she is on HOUSE ARREST.

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Marci Scher said...

Kenny Brannon Becca is such a Wonderful Sister!!😆