Friday, September 16, 2016

Rest in Peace

The world lost an amazing person today. At 7 am, September 15, 2016, my son Ian Alexander passed away. For 13 long years he put up an extraordinary fight against the rare disease that was breaking down his body. During that same time Ian touched many lives in many ways. He gave us so much joy and happiness over all those years.  Even during his most painful days he was able to smile some and make us all laugh. Just being able to call him my son, even for such a short time, makes my heart fill with joy and honor. I am very proud of the person Ian was and the man he became. We always told him there was nothing he couldn't do and he believed in that.  His favorite superhero as we all know was spiderman. But I think we can all agree Ian was the true superhero. 

Ian, my son, my hero, you are free from all your burdens. You are free to move and run about the world as you see fit. No more medicine, no more turn machines and most importantly no more pain. This is all Becca, mommy and daddy ever wanted to for.

We are blessed to have had you as our son and as an inspiration. You will always live forever in out hearts, minds and souls. You are my true superhero, you are SpiderIan.

I love you little man, my best buddy forever and always.


Anonymous said...

Marci & Brian, I was a counselor in Camp Simcha three summers ago when Ian was there. I remember Ian going around camp everywhere with his bright blue and red Spiderman blanket. What's most memorable though was how he, as disabled as he had become, was always so cheerful and fun to be around. Ian was just a really awesome kid and it was a pleasure to get to know him. May he rest in peace.


Amy Marie said...

Marci & Brian,

I'm so heart-broken to hear about Ian. Even though it's been years since I worked with him at Chatsworth, my former students stay with me, particularly my students with unique challenges. They are the ones who drive me ahead and push me to become more creative and work harder in my job. Ian was always positive and happy when I saw him, and he worked so hard to do his best at all times, even though what was asked of him was difficult. I will never forget his joy, his sense of humor, and his bright personality. I loved watching him grow and have the chance to experience new things through following your blog. He will be thought of and greatly missed, even by those who haven't had the joy of seeing him in a while. May he rest in peace.

Steve Hillman said...

So sorry for your loss. Although I never met him, it sounds like he was a wonderful boy. Thoughts and prayers being sent to your entire family in this difficult time.

Steve H.

Marci Scher said...

Steve Himelfarb I'm sorry for your loss, your family is in our thoughts.

Leslie Middleman Toll Truly beautifully expressed. ❤

Lisa Lewis Xoxoxoxoxoxo!

Leslie Kapper Sands Beautiful!!!!

Charles R Hentz Love you guys.

Dean Bowman I'm so sorry for your loss

Mindy Hammerman Lipsey So beautifully written. I am so very sorry. I know Ian inspired my family and especially my boys.

Pamela Shurkin Meister <3 SpiderIan

Jami Schultz Margolis #SuperIan
Forever our superhero!!!

Mary Engel Crumbacker Beautifully written Marci. Ian touched so many people and your entire family has inspired so many of us. Our hearts are heavy and we continue to pray for you and your family. ❤

Rachel Schreiber Levitan Well said. Run, Ian, run!

Amy Meyers Steinberg <3

Michael Kiewe He was a true super hero 😂

Renee Valentino Block Marci, your words are so beautifully written. You, your husband, and Becca are super heroes. May Ian Rest In Peace. ❤ Ian was too... it runs in the family.

Michelle Kampler Schwartz SPIDER-IAN <3 <3

Lisa Reid Miller Much love to you, Brian, and Becca! Hugs from GA!

Alex Weinberg We are sending you much love and prayers. We are thinking about you all.

Anne Polakoff King You are the true superheroes.

Susan Heneson Kornblatt You are amazing! I'm certain SuperIan got his strength from you, as well as Brian and Becca.

Linda Chupnick Our prayers are with all of you at this difficult time. Linda and Harry

Sandra Huller ❤, hugs, prayers, more ❤, and ❤ to all of you! :(

Barbara Paige SpiderSchers ❤ love you!

Marci Phillips You are a beautiful writer and a beautiful human. Much love.

Jennifer Roskin Drake Thinking of you today. Thank you for sharing with us the past 13 years and helping us celebrate this amazing soul. Ian is at peace with no more pain, I only pray your pain will soften with time. Your words are so beautifully written from the heart. 😥

Jamie Cooper Biegeleisen Sending love. You guys are amazing.

Eden Stotsky-Himelfarb Beautiful. Hugs.

Marci Scher said...

Harry Blacker As always our love n prayers are with u all. RIP and painfree Ian

Jarrod Walpert Thinking of you, Brian and your family, Marci.

Marlene Ettlin Beautifully said. You are all superheroes. ❤

Carye George Everett Beautiful words at a time when your world is upside down. I am grateful for a special doctor years ago for introducing us to go through the challenges of twins with one having a rare condition. We would meet up in the strangest places to just decompress with all of the beeps and noises of the Picu. I feel fortunate to have known Ian and seen him both in and out of the hospital. He had a personality that came through with his smile and in his eyes. I wish I could have been there today, but due to my own health issues and being off next week, I couldn't. You were all in our thoughts and hearts today. I pray that you all find peace as the days go on with your SpiderIan watching over you.

Ali Wolf Beautiful ❤

Carole Miller Glick Thinking of you & sending you all hugs ....

Susan Schneider Havelock I am honored to say I know you...your bravery and love we're always present for Ian to lean on. Your family is quite remarkable. Again, my deepest sympathies, although I think any one who met Ian even for a flickering moment would say that he touched their life in such a positive way. Hugs to you and your family.

Debbie Cuevas I am so sorry to hear this. Sending our thoughts and prayers to you.