Monday, October 31, 2016

Photos from others for us to Cherish

Ian at his Bar Mitzvah
Devin, Becca, Ian and Mackenzie at one of Mackenzie's horseback riding shows

Ian and Erin (One of his babysitters) at baseball

Crazy hair day at Camp Milldale
Ian getting ready to get into trouble with Chai Lifeline

Ian and Tiera (one of our wonderful nurses)

Rachel (Becca's big sister) and Ian at Camp Simcha Special
Becca and Bethany
Becca and Erica at Camp Louise
Rachel (her big sister through Chai Lifeline) and Becca
Becca, our beautiful daughter, inside and out

Adina and Ian with Spidey Toes 
Spider-Man came to visit Ian at the house
Ian getting Tefillin
Ian at his Bar Mitzvah

Ian and Becca at one of her concerts...I love how he is looking at her like really!
On our way to Florida....He so did not want his hair played with and
all she wanted to do was play with it.
6 months old
Ian and Daddy in the basement
Ian and Danny (his counselor from Camp Simcha Special for 3 years) at his Bar Mitzvah
Jared (his big brother through Chai Lifeline) and Ian after the paint party in the back yard
Ian mad about can only imagine!
Rabbi Miller (Chai Lifeline) doing Tefillin with Ian 

He must have eaten something purple
Ian getting his Spider-Man book from Aunt Lisa
Noah, Ian and Becca at Mt Washington Hospital
Becca, Ian and Jodi after walking to the Cow
One of mommy's favorites
Ian with icing on his face. Look at the smile.
Becca, Brian, Ian and Marci at our friends the Sands B'Nei Mitzvah

Ian with Alyssa, getting his 1st kiss
Ian with Jake
Wearing Daddy's tie

Ravens Football Game - Thanks to Casey Cares

Mommy and Ian at Uncle Mikes

Becca and Ian at one of Noah's birthday parties

Becca playing Lacrosse

Ian feeding himself...working really hard

Family photo in Ravens Gear

Pirate Ian - Cub Scouts
Ian at Thanksgiving - 4 years old

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Shmuel Miller Precious.

Suzanne Borden Beautiful memories.

Carye George Everett Beautiful memories to have and hold on to.

Bryna Spector Bernstein amazing!

Susan Weinberg Lewis 💕💕💕💕

Jill Pelovitz Beautiful memories celebrating a beautiful life.

Jamie Leboe Wonderful pictures!!!

Franny Lerner Wonderful memories 💜

Mindy Hammerman Lipsey Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!