Thursday, November 10, 2016

Beyond Proud...Becca

Many people have been asking how Becca is doing, well it really depends on the day as well as the activity. School has been going well, 1st quarter report cards came home today....honor roll....2 B's and the rest A's. With Ian passing away and all the school she missed...beyond proud. Girl scouts is also going well, she is working on her silver award with her group along with selling cookies (so far she has sold over 300 boxes). Horseback riding is good, she is just starting to learn how to jump. At  home, we are seeing her a little bit more, she is coming out of her room more. So you say, that all sounds good, well don't let it all fool  you...she is still struggling with missing Ian. Struggling with the good and the bad times and it hitting at different times with no warning. We are working with different people to help her with the emotions that come with the loss of Ian. After all there is nothing about this situation that a 13 year old should know about. We will continue to take her lead in the healing process while pushing when we feel appropriate. We are beyond proud of how she is doing.


Anonymous said...

Goldscher, Sheri R.
Yay, Becca! Yay, Marci and Brian!!! Hugs!!!

Susan Witte
She is an incredible young woman! Please give her a huge hug from me . Love, ...

Lois Shurkin
Finally, today I was able to read the last few blogs. I am crying: sad that Ian went to heaven and knowing that he is finally at peace made me have a warm feeling inside. I am fortunate to have known Ian and was inspired by his overwhelming strength. To you Marcie and Brian, as well as Becca, I admire your strength and love for Ian. You gave your lives for him.

Anonymous said...

And I am beyond proud of how well YOU are doing. I always knew that Becca would be fine because you and Brian are such caring present parents, despite dealing with your own feelings. The fact that you are able to get up every day, go to work, go to Girl Scout camp, adhere (somewhat ;-)) to a diet, and so much more speaks volumes to your ability to trudge through this one in a billion situation. Be sure to be nice to yourself. :-*

Cheryl Snyderman

Marci Scher said...

Alicia Katznelson Broth Yay, Becca! That shows amazing strength for such a young lady, but, then again, she's your daughter.

Stephanie Rabinowitz Here for her always ❤

Lauren Agetstein I hope she is getting all the help and services she needs in dealing with the loss of her brother that if you have gotten in touch with comfort zone camp I told you about that it will be a service to her too. Yay Becca! Keep at it you are doing great!