Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chai - 18 Weeks....

Sometimes it seems like yesterday while other times it seems like an eternity.
Sometimes Thursdays come and go and I don't even realize it was Thursday...the day my sweet, little boy passed away...Thursday, September 15, 2016...
We are in a new year....2017, a year he will never be in, at least physically. But he will always be in my heart...always.

The silence in the house....has gotten easier on some days. But on some days, I listen for the machines, the people coming in and out of the house all the time. Every day, we get up and go about our, school, exercise, Girl Scouts, horseback riding, whatever the activity. Some days are easy to get up while others hard...but we do it because he would have wanted it that way. We will continue because that is what Ian would have wanted. We told him we would be ok, that it may take time but we would we will continue to work towards that....being ok.


Marci Scher said...

Jamie Nathanson Miller More hugs.

Deborah-Jo Essrog Thinking of you

Jay Weiner ❤

Marci Phillips Your strength and grace are an ongoing inspiration.

Jill Pelovitz His memory continues to live on. This is the part that most people do not talk about, the grieving and continuing to live life after the loss. Thank you for sharing with all of us and continuing to teach others. Your blog is also a beautiful tribute to Ian and his journey. His spirit truly lives on in all you share through your blog. Sending you love and support as you continue on this journey.

Nancy Polack Kaplan The silence can be deafening. Hang in there it's all you can do. You loved and cared for him to the utmost and so will miss him intensely. It will get a little easier. Love to you and your family.

Gale Herr-Sarubin Marci- You inspire me each day. Your strength and your composure. Taking one day at a time is all you can do. And you are right, Ian wants you to continue to live & dream. XoXo

Marlene Ettlin ❤❤

Tamara Jayne Flax It will take time. No one can tell you how long. One day at a time. Keep on being strong.

Heather Schmidt Young Hugs

Carye George Everett Sending you hugs! You are such a strong family that amaze me every day!

Paige Weinberg Schwartz You all are always in my prayers. 💜

Marci Scher said...

Arlene Brown Stein Sending you a strong hug!!!!

Wendy E said...

Sending love & smiles. Ian will be in your heart - always - & life will never be the same, but you WILL find more & more moments of happiness. Keep holding that string, & your beautiful boy will continue to teach you (long distance) how to fill the emptiness with love & joy again. He lives through all of you, & you are all a beautiful testiment to the power of family.