Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Break

Becca with her cousins and the plagues.
Becca and her friends being NUTS at Turkey Hill.
Becca and friends being nuts again.
View from the boat of  Aunt Mary Jane and Uncle Mel's home.
The humming birds having some sugar water. They enjoy every evening....many of them.

Spring break has come and gone...and
what's better than having a little bit of everything. Some days laying around in bed all day, a day with some good friends, holidays with family, and a long drive to visit family. We had some difficult moments but worked through them, laughed some, cried some, smiled some. We had beautiful views from our aunt and uncle house, as well as humming birds. Saturday we went into New Burn, had lunch and walked around. Sunday morning, it was time for sailing, however, the wind had another plan. We got about a mile and a half from the house, the wind picked up to over 20 miles per hour and would only increase as our distance continued so it was decided to come back in. So Sunday after not going sailing, we ended up going into Original Washington and walked the pier...look at all the snap turtles we saw. It was a calming and relaxing Spring Break. Now it is back to and school.

Our view from Aunt Mary Jane and Uncle Mel's home...look at their was wonderful.

Family photo out and about on one of our walks and days out.

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