Friday, June 2, 2017

Memorial Plaque

A bronze plaque listing the name of the departed and those who have established the memorial is permanently affixed to the rear wall of the Sanctuary in alphabetical sequence. The bronze plaque also insures that the name will be listed on our website under heading of Perpetual Memorials, and the name is read at services on the actual day of the yahrzeit. In addition, newly established bronze memorial plaques will be dedicated on the second day of Shavuot

Thank you to my co-workers at Chizuk Amuno for purchasing this for us.
Approximately 3 weeks ago, Brian, Becca and I came up to the Sanctuary to hang Ian's plaque as we wanted to have a private moment when this was done. We did not feel we would be able to handle the service on Shavuot, however, Nana and Pop were able to attend and said the service was wonderful as was the sermon made by Rabbi Shulman. I asked Rabbi Shulman for a copy of his sermon so I could read it...wonderful it was. The basic premise of his sermon is that for every plaque which has been dedicated on Shavuot, they are a "one of a kind, unique people whose love and pride meant everything to us. Whose memories and lives continue to bless us with meaning and goodness. Memorial plaques represent the people who matter most in our lives. They are symbols of love. Signifying our loved ones and their lives, our memories and their legacies. All of which continue to have meaning for each of us."

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