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Out of My Mind ...2

Becca came home from school today and told me they started reading the book. She continued to tell me Melody reminded her of Ian and they inspired her. Really, again my daughter continues to blow my mind. I am interested to know how the book and Melody continue to remind her of Ian.


Out of my mind...are you out of your mind, I think in some ways we all are. I just finished reading a book called Out Of My Mind...I read it because Becca has to read it for school this year, I plan on reading all of the books she has to read … Out Of My Mind, is a little close to really got me going...wondering what goes thru Ian's mind that he is not sharing with us. What if he could get more words out, communicate easier, what would he say? What do other kids think when they look at him, do they think he's stupid, a retard (ugh I hate that word) .. do kids look at him and think because his body is messed up that his brain does not work? If other kids really took the time to have a conversation with him, what would those conversations be like? Ian has a wonderful sense of humor and a lot to say if others took the time to talk with him. How frustrated does he get when he can’t communicate easily, when he sees others looking at him and making comments, he sees everyt…

Tips on Life

Looking back over the past year, I think about all, the things we have done, all the decisions we have made; comments/concerns from others (mostly good); conversations we had with each other, doctors, family members and friends. 
I am also reminded of a post I read back in July on an aquentencies blog called Tips on Life. This was a road map put together by a group of counselors for their campers at a sleep away camp. They sent it home with the campers for them to remember and to be able to put into includes some of the simplest rules of life which at times we all forget but should remember: It is okay to ask for help.You do not need to be strong all the time.Nobody is perfect and everybody is fighting their inner battles.Be kind.Treat others how you would like to be treated.Not everything you learn in life will be in a classroom.Anything worth having is not easy to attain.Love is not supposed to be painful, true love is easy.Love is not a maybe thing, you know when you love s…

Thirty-One....Thank You Mitzi

My friend Mitzi Spiegelman has put this together. There are not enough words or ways to thank her.....