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A Hard April....For Always

So this month so far has been filled with many different emotions as I watched two of my closest friends lose a parent. Both sudden and unexpected. Both have had health issues over the last few years, but at the time of death, for the most part, were stable. Monday and Tuesday night, I helped to run the kitchen for one of their Shiva houses. I was spent, in every way. Especially emotionally. Wednesday rolled around and that is when I got the message of my other friend's parents passing. At this point, death had become a thorn in my side that I wanted to go away. My friends were beginning a journey that I understand in relationship to grief but not in relationship to the grief of a parent, thank G-d. Friday was difficult to be at the funeral, knowing what lies ahead. But watching a friend bury a parent helped Brian and I to realize, once again, just how precious life is and how it can change in a second...reaching out to those we needed to.

Saturday morning, Becca, Brian and I head…