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UPDATE June 13, 2010

It has been a good week. Ian "graduated" from Kindergarten and will be moving to 1st grade at Franklin Elem School. We took Becca out of school early so she could come and see Ian's graduation.

I spoke with Dr. Raymond's nurse to get a status update on Ian's genetic tests...the last part of the testing was started on May 11th and it will be 12 weeks from there before we get results.

This weekend we went swimming and both kids did great. They both remembered most of what they did last year. Ian did great with kicking, what a great workout that was for him. He had his last baseball game and had a great hit. Tonight, we spent some time doing some school work with the kids. Brian had Becca and I had Ian. The B's read while I went over some counting and writing with Ian. It is amazing how far they both have come.