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Giving Children Control in Their Care Choices

Over the years, I have posted about how much Gilchrist Kids did for our family along our journey. Many of the decisions Brian and I had to make could not have been done with out the support of our wonderful team. One of those people was the child life specialist, Beth. Beth was actually there for us and both kids. At this point and time, she continues to work with Becca as her grief therapist, however, only for a little bit more time. As we are approaching the two year mark of Ian's passing, Beth will continue to work with her until we can find someone else to meet all of her needs. Below is a blog post by Beth on the Gilchrist blog. It is such an important read. We still have Ian's My Wishes book. I know it is something I will always hold on to as it was his way of telling us things that were important to him as he was dying. Things we would not have known any other way. We are beyond grateful for Beth being able to get both of our kids to share their feelings and what was a…