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Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Is there an idiom which sticks out in your mind? You remember the time you heard it, the event you heard it at, it may not be the first time you heard the idiom but this is the time when you remember it sticking out. Maybe it's "Best thing since sliced bread" or "Cross that bridge when you come to it" or "As easy as ABC" or "Get your act together" or "A little birdie told me" or "Curiosity killed the cat". Just a few... For me it's ...
"Keep Your Eye On The Ball" to give your attention to what you are doing at the time. 

The first time I remember hearing it was 30+ years ago at my cousin's Bat Mitzvah. I'm sure I heard it many times before that but this is the first time I remember it sticking out. I do believe "Keep Your Eye on the Ball" was the theme of her Bat Mitzvah. I even think the favors were t-shirts with a little girl holding a ball to her eye. This came to be when Julie was little …