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The power of social media....posting on Facebook "Looking for a way for Ian to ride a motorcycle....any ideas, suggestions, contacts...." many people posted giving suggestions on ideas....thank you all. The generosity of people still amazes me...Mindy, Louis and Dean; along with everyone else who came out to ride with us today...thank you for helping Ian ride a motorcycle....the pictures say it all...

Getting Ian all strapped in and making sure he is secure.

 To the left, Ian has his helmet on and is getting ready to go.

Below, Brian has his helmet on and is getting ready to go as well along with all the others who came to join us for the ride.

Not sure how anyone could actually fall asleep which on a motorcycle ride, but leave it to Ian to certainly figure it out.  Below, Brian looking back and signaling that Ian is asleep.
Taking a break for all the other riders to stretch their legs...

After a few minutes, it was time for all to get back on their helmets and bikes and hi…