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Growing a Strong Marriage After the Loss of a Child

Grief tears us apart with the reckless abandon of a tornado. - Haiku by Diantha Ain
till death do us part.
These familiar words take on an entirely different meaning when a child dies. Almost every marriage is challenged in the aftermath of such tragedy. Many couples manage to weather the storm, and their marriages are stronger because of what they went through together. But for some couples, the death of a child all too often leads to divorce.
In her book, When the Bough Breaks, Judith R. Bernstein Ph. D. wrote: Marriages don't die with the death of a child, but sometimes they receive an overdue burial.
Such was the case with Karen, who claims that the death of her child gave her the strength and courage to leave her alcoholic husband. I realized life was too short, and too precious to stay in a bad marriage.
Linda, on the other hand, was determined to save her troubled marriage following the loss of er three-year-old son in a drowning accident: I didn't want divorce to be my chi…