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The Grieving Teen

Teen years are already tumultuous years, and the bereaved teen needs special attention. Under ordinary circumstances, teenagers go through many changes in their body image, behavior, attachments and feelings. As they break away from their parents to develop their own identities, conflicts often arise within the family system. Life becomes even more complex when a father, mother or other significant person dies - a shattering experience faced by one child in every ten before the age of eighteen. While people in all age groups struggle with such losses, teenagers face particularly painful adjustments following the death of a loved one.

Do teens grieve like adults? 
Teens grieve deeply but often work very go hard to hide their feelings. Fearing the vulnerability that comes with expression, they look for distractions rather than stay with the grief process long enough to find real relief. Feelings can be turned off quickly, much like flipping a light switch. Teens can act as if nothing has …

Going Back to School After a Death: 9 Tips

As you are going through the motions of planning carpools, packing new book bags, and laying out first-day of school outfits, we know that a peek inside your head may reveal a tornado of racing thoughts and anxieties about your child going back to school after a death over the summer. The freedom of summer schedules may have provided a lot of time with family for support after a death. It can be panic-inducing when that has to change. You may be worrying whether your children will struggle in school. You may be worrying their grades will slip or other kids will say hurtful things. You may be worrying that your kids are worrying but are not telling you that they are worrying.
It is normal to be nervous about sending your children back to school after a death. This is a big transition, for you and for them. After a death, when our children are grieving, it is our nature to want to protect them. If you lost someone this summer there is a good chance you have been watchi…