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It's All In A Name

Last Thursday my father, Pop, had went very well and he is recovering well in the hospital. Later today Becca and I will go see him.  Brian and I decided it would be best if Ian did not go to the hospital as he woke up with a cough.  A cough for Ian may or may not mean something could just be the morning gunk breaking up as he has not been doing much coughing since his treatments.
Ian decided since he could not go see Pop he would make him a get well card. He has made it all by himself, even signing his name....

We actually had a change of plans...Brian thought about it and brought up to me that we could take Ian to the hospital to see Pop as long as he wore a mask to protect him from anything that was hanging out that is what we did...Ian was very happy to be able to give Pop his card on his own as well as everyone was happy to see everyone and know all were doing okay.