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Who Has The Right

It's 8:15 on Sunday morning,  July 1st. Yesterday and today, I'm up much earlier than normal for a weekend.  Sitting on the sofa, both days, watching the Today Show. Again, something I don't normally do, watch the news. Why watch the news when most of what's reported is sad. 
Yet, I do know that one of the main political issues is the reunification of migrant families. I'm thinking, "What gives a person or people the right to keep families apart?" "Who do the decision makers think they are - God?" Families should be together. I do agree and think families should be separated when it is harmful for them to be together. Next  thought, "Reunite these families, I don't have that option. My family can't physically be together, can't physically be reunited, but these families can be. Why should others make that choice for them?" I'm sure every other bereaved parent would feel the same way. I would have done anything to keep u…