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Getting Caught Up to Today

Ian started a new school the fall of 2009, he was walking fair, not wonderful. I had informed his teacher and therapists of his summer illness. Within the first few weeks, his teacher and physical therapist began counting how many times he was falling in a day…he was averaging 10 times a day. This became a safety issue for him. So they approached Brian and I regarding Ian starting to use a walker. It was not something we were thrilled with but we needed to give it a try. Ian did wonderful with the walker, “Wally”. Yes, Ian named it. He was speed racer with it, got around great. We even purchased one for home. Ian was doing well in school, seemed to be doing well over all. Then comes December 2009, Ian had another episode. We did not end up in the hospital this time, all of his symptoms were the same. We did go to the ER per his pediatrician. There was nothing they were able to do but the pediatrician wanted to make sure there was nothing else going on. Since Ian had a second episode i…

Our Journey Continues

Our journey continued with Becca and Ian each spending week in the NICU and on May 10, 2003 and May 11, 2003 when Becca and Ian, respectively came home from the hospital. We knew Ian had microcephaly, an abnormally small head, everything else seemed okay. Ian qualified for infants and toddlers from birth due to his traumatic entrance into the world. As he continued to grow, we started to see some other developments. He was having difficulty feeding; we could usually get him to drink but most of the time he would spit up. He had hypotonia — low muscle tone when muscles are on the loose, floppy side. Although hypotonia is not a well-understood phenomenon, children with low muscle tone often have delayed motor skills, muscle weakness, and / or coordination problems (from babycenter). During this time, we were living in Howard County and his pediatrician was wonderful, he was running numerous tests as well as consulting specialists to see if they had any insight on what was going on with …


Our story began in April 2003, when Becca and Ian were born. They were born at 34 wks and 5 days. Beautiful, Brian and I were in love. From the beginning, Becca was a grow and feed...she was in the NICU but just to learn to breath right and eat well. Overall, doing well. From the beginning, Ian had trouble. He was not breathing on his own unless he took a deep breath to cry. He was fighting for his life. The first hours were not good, even though I was drugged and really don't know most of what happened, what I do remember/know...oh just not good. I remember being in the recovery room, Brian by my side and the phone ringing. He said, "Ok, I will be right there." He told me he needed to go to the NICU, I was aware both babies were there so I was not surprised he needed to go. Not sure how long Brian was gone, but I do recall him walking back into my recovery room…the look on his face, not something I want to ever see again. I remember looking at him and asking “Which one …