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Becca - update 2018-2019 - Sweet 16

April 22, 2018, came and went just like all other days. Becca didn't want to celebrate her 15th birthday. She wanted to do nothing and that was okay, it was her way of dealing with their birthday last year. From getting to know other Twinless Twins over the past year, we have learned that is okay and each year will be different. Over the year, she has continued to grow and come into her own.

After years, many years of braces, they finally came off. She had 2 rounds of braces beginning in 4th grade. She also decided to change her glasses in for contacts.

Music is still a passion for her. She is still playing the euphonium....this makes her 6 year playing. We have her elementary band teacher to thank for that and for telling her at the end of 4th grade beginning of 5th grade that if she continued to play she didn't have to practice! Obviously, it worked as she is still playing and still not practicing! 😌

She has continued with Batya, learning, more learning, Shabbatons and cont…